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From:Miguel Cardenas Date:July 3 2012 3:44am
Subject:Deploying a MySQL application
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After days of tests with different configurations for my VC++ project,
finally I was able to run it using both Release and Debug versions
with MySQL... now I have a few doubts on the application deployment...

1. The library was linked DINAMICALLY (DLL) since I want the MySQL
code independent from my binary (not linked statically), but my doubt
is if it would be a problem that the different target computers may
cause problems if the version of the installed MySQL is different...
In Linux I have no problem while the installed MySQL library is the
same version or newer, but would it cause a problem in windows if the
version is not the same that was used to build my app? or for example
if the MySQL is upgraded and the version changes for a new one?

2. It may be possible that the target machine is not a server, just a
client, so the MySQL may not be installed... is it allowed to include
the libmysql.* files into my installation package? After all, if I
link the static version the library is still included inside the
binary (executable) file, but don't know if it is okay to include the
DLL/LIB files when linked dynamically.

3. If it is allowed to include the library as external DLL, if the
target machine already has installed MySQL, would it interfer if I
install the DLL? The windows PATH has already appended
C:\...\MySQL\lib so I think that would not affect since the system
would find first the MySQL installation library (anything appended to
the path is appended at the end, so my installed files would be after
the MySQL in the PATH)... or I should make it optional at install time
depending if the user has or has not MySQL installed?

Thanks for your comments
Deploying a MySQL applicationMiguel Cardenas3 Jul