I wonder if you would have the same opinion to say your Operating System environment, Apache, php, any mainstream server daemon, how about they pull the current version for a serious bug, but dont tell anyone...

Oracle have been quick to announce new releases of mysql, but failed to issue a notice saying " uhoh, you better not use it" instead, putting a small notice, where, on a fricken manual page FFS. who the hell reads that! and they say use version "a" which does not even exist, I'd hate to think of how many high profile sites are at risk of being screwed over by yet MORE oracle incompetence.
No one would think  any less of them if they sent that notice, many would be appreciative, but to "hide" such a serious issue that was enough for them to withdraw and remove that version, is outright despicable.

On Fri, 2012-06-29 at 22:58 -0400, Govinda wrote:
>> That was nice of oracle to announce this wasn't it ...    (/sarcasm)

I am not aligned with any side.. and I am also not known/qualified/respected in this group enough to make much of a statement...  but:
IMHO, In almost all matters, *appreciation* is the only approach that will serve... let alone sustain happiness...  
...and especially when we consider what little we must give to have right to use MySQL.

Sure, desire for better communication/usability makes total sense.. but I am just also observing/suggesting: please add (positively) to the atmosphere.. for everyones' sake.  Just us humans under the hood.