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From:(Hal Date:June 25 2012 1:07am
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>>>> 2012/06/13 10:06 -0500, mos >>>>
You may want to look into Handler. I've used it often when I needed to traverse very large
MyISAM tables. Handler requires no physical sorting of the table because it traverses the
table using an index. It also ignores any locks on the table (which you may or may not
like), but the Handler will start traversing the table immediately. It will solve problems
1,3 ,4 but not #2 because traversing a large table with an index will be slower than if
the table was already sorted. One nice thing about the Handler is it uses virtually no
additional memory regardless of table size and very little disk activity because there is
no sorting. You can run it any time and it won't degrade other MySQL processes. I don't
think Handler will join tables together; I have used it only to traverse a single table.
I saw HANDLER written up, and from MySQL tryed it out, but cannot think of a real use for
it. Is it for programs, PHP say, that call MySQL server and store its output in arrays, ?

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