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From:walter Date:June 14 2012 3:50pm
Subject:Re: Minor collation question
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>> From: "Rick James" <rjames@stripped>
>> A warning about β -- There was a change in the collation at 5.1.24.
>> Search for 'German'; there is
>> a brief discussion near the end.
> Aha, also a very good bit of information, thank you.
> The unix boys had started their own upgrade cycle in the mean time from
> Debian Lenny to Squeeze, so were unwittingly already upgrading to 5.1. A
> swift explanation of the problem and the subliminal thread of a swift kick
> in the valueables got them to suspend that trajectory until I build myself
> Debian-compliant 5.5 packages for Squeeze :-D
> Any pointers towards the latter (no, Dotdeb's will not do - they don't
> magically replace the native squeeze ones) would also be appreciated; if
> not I'll be rolling my own.
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