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From:Johan De Meersman Date:June 13 2012 9:26am
Subject:Re: Minor collation question
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> From: "Shawn Green" <>
> The other tactical move has been to jump 5.1 and upgrade directly
> from 5.0 to 5.5 where that problem is resolved.  Sure, it's a bit more
> work (full dump/restore is highly recommended) but it avoids the collation
> bug which exists in all 5.1.x releases.

Ah! Everything I found in the bug tracker pointed towards an official attitude of "No,
that was a bug in 5.0 that got fixed in 5.1. Works as designed, will not fix."

Jumping straight to 5.5 is a viable path, then, so I'll see with the Unix boys wether
they're willing to go that route. Thank you for that information.

> Yes, collations are used for equality and inequality comparisons,
> too, not just sorting. That's why having alternate spellings ,like the
> words "strasse" and "straβe", will collide within a PK in 5.1 where they
> will not for 5.0 or 5.5 (with the appropriate collation).

Yes, although here it's colloquially known as the Scheiβe bug :-p

Bier met grenadyn
Is als mosterd by den wyn
Sy die't drinkt, is eene kwezel
Hy die't drinkt, is ras een ezel
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