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From:Claudio Nanni Date:June 12 2012 11:38am
Subject:Re: Aborted clients
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"Print out warnings such as Aborted connection... to the error log."
the dots are not telling if they comprise Aborted clients as well.
I find the MySQL error log extremely poor, as far as I know it is one of
the MySQL features (like authentication) stuck to the dawn of MySQL times.
Very hard to debug non basic things like your issue.
From what I have experienced usually Aborted connection  means wrong
credentials while Aborted clients means the client (typically PHP) did not
close the connection properly.
Do you have any chance to check if the code is closing the connections to
the mysql database?



2012/6/12 Johan De Meersman <vegivamp@stripped>

> Yo,
> I'm having trouble with clients aborting, but for some reason they don't
> get logged.
> The documentation at clearly states
> "If a client successfully connects but later disconnects improperly or is
> terminated, the server increments the Aborted_clients status variable, and
> logs an Aborted connection message to the error log."
> The log_warnings variable has been set; originally to 1 and later to 2
> because another bit of the doc says " If the value is greater than 1,
> aborted connections are written to the error log."
> The error.log I'm looking at is the one that is currently opened by the
> MySQL daemon, as shown by lsof - and does have entries about
> non-replication-safe queries I'd been doing several days ago.
> And, yet, I see the Aborted_clients counter increase, but never find any
> entries in the errorlog - which is annoying, because now I don't even know
> which application is misbehaving.
> This is MySQL 5.1.50-community-log on Suse 11.1 64-bit.
> Does anyone have an idea why the aborted clients don't get logged, and how
> to fix it?
> thx,
> Johan
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