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From:Anupam Karmarkar Date:May 24 2012 10:39am
Subject:Re: Architectural Help
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Dear Nigel,

Thank for reply.. 

See my comments below


 From: Nigel Wood <nwood@stripped>
To: Anupam Karmarkar <sb_akarmarkar@stripped>; "mysql@stripped"
Sent: Thursday, 24 May 2012 3:35 PM
Subject: RE: Architectural Help
A few questions:
which is more or a problem: network outages, network capacity or query latency? 
>>Network Outages is problem, between data centres
When you say "near real-time" do you need transactional consistent view on all 49 servers
or can some lag be tolerated?
>>Some lag can be tolerated considering network outage 
Can any one of the 49 local servers potentially update/delete the same rows or data?
>>Yes central server can update same row or local server but not at same time, 
Few data will be updated in central location and others majorly in local.One Application
Writes in Centeral and Others in local, Local app and central app shares some data.
Is there any natural segmentation point within the data? 
Do the data centers have diverse networks so that connections to some data centers may
remain when others? 
>>Yes, we have diverse nework , so connectivity will be avaiable in other data
In the event that a local data centre is totally isolated from the others what data should
it be allowed to update?
>>Loca application should always write in local database, Central Application
Updated will not be available to local.
Do your applications produce/examine  large data set querying by secondary keys or
using tull text search?
>>We dont have text search or we dont query large data
Are you in a position to modify the applications?
>>No, Micro changes ok
From: Anupam Karmarkar [sb_akarmarkar@stripped]
Sent: Thursday, May 24, 2012 10:17 AM
To: mysql@stripped
Subject: Architectural Help

Hi All,

I need architectural help for our requirement,

We have nearly 50 data centre through out different cities from these data center
application connect to central database server currently, there are conectivity and nework
flcutions issues for different data center, so we comeup with solution each data center we
should have local database server which will keep syncing with other server so that
application doesnt fail , User data can be updated in any of server and should reflect in
every server.  Application consists of write/read/delete operations,

Current writes each day central server 1million.

Only 1/1000 need to be distrubuted acrross servce rest need to be in central server.

How can we achive this ? solution needs very much real time data accepting nework lags.


Collect all changes in other 49 server into 1 central server(How can we collect data)

49 keeps updating data into local database from central server(Using Repliation Can be


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