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From:Walter Heck Date:May 23 2012 5:20am
Subject:Re: [Puppet Users] Re: Announce: PuppetDB 0.9.0 (first release) is available
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On Tue, May 22, 2012 at 12:02 AM, Marc Zampetti <marc.zampetti@stripped> wrote:
> Is Puppet Labs saying they are ending support of MySQL and instead will only
> support PostgreSQL? That is going to be a big problems for shops that do not
> support PostgresSQL, or are only allowed to run DB systems on an approved
> list. Why wouldn't a DB-agnostic model be used?
> Right now, I can say that due to these types of issues, I cannot even
> evaluate PuppetDB, and will not be able to for the foreseeable future.

(cc'd the mysql list as I'm pretty sure the boys over there have some
interest in this)

As a provider of puppet consulting I can say it will be a  harder sell
to clients if we need them to use postgres instead of MySQL in order
to use PuppetDB. It's not impossible of course, but introducing an
additional barrier for puppet will give us additional trouble
convincing our clients :)

You mentioned degraded performance, do you have any numbers on what
kind of performance degradation we are talking about? I wouldn't mind
some degraded performance if that means we can keep smaller clients on

Also, have you looked at MariaDB 5.5? it is a drop-in replacement for
MySQL with much better performance for any query optimiser related
things (which I'm pretty sure the nested joins are also part of).

Walter Heck

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Re: [Puppet Users] Re: Announce: PuppetDB 0.9.0 (first release) is availableWalter Heck23 May
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