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From:David Lerer Date:May 18 2012 9:36pm
Subject:RE: create alias for columns bound to database?
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Dante, consider using views that are defined with your alternate column names and present
the application with these views rather than underlying table names.

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Subject: create alias for columns bound to database?


I'd like to be able to create column aliases which are bound to the 
database itself.  I have an assortment of columns without naming 
standards which i'd like to migrate to a better naming scheme.

Is there a feature in MySQL that would allow me to give a database 
column multiple names?  I'm thinking that for SELECT * statements, you 
would use the default column name, but for insert, delete, update, etc, 
it would be fine to use the aliased name or default.

Doing this would *really* help to allow me to migrate the database to 
the new naming convention without breaking existing code.  I would then 
be able to refactor at a more leisurely pace.

Does the feature exist, or can it be created?

-- Dante

D. Dante Lorenso

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