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From:Bill Gerrard Date:January 3 2000 7:32am
Subject:OT Millennium (was RE: Happy New Year!)
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I also see that the Royal Observatory Greenwich has some good information on
the new millennium...

From the above page.. "Because there is no year zero, the first year of the
calendar ends at the end of the year named 1AD. By a similar argument 100
years will only have elapsed at the end of the year 100AD. Since 2000AD is
the 2,000th year of the Christian calendar, it will be the last year of the
Second Millennium. So the 3rd Millennium and the 21st Century will begin at
the same moment, namely zero hours UTC (commonly known as GMT) on January
1st 2001."

I blame most of the problem of people thinking 2000 is the new
millennium/century on the media.  If they media would have only taken a few
minutes to get their facts straight, maybe most of the confusion would have
never happened.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone!!!  (from Huntington Beach, California)

> It appears I had gotten to the new millennium too early...
> > > And a Happy New Millennium ...
> >
> > in about 366 days...
> And the turn of the century, by the same logic.
> >
> >
> And in a more convoluted fashion:
> If we start counting at "1", we're "one" up on ourselves, and we
> celebrated this years New Year's, last year.
> Jeff

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