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From:Zhangzhigang Date:April 30 2012 1:52pm
Subject:回复: update query
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Ok, there is another approach if you are using shell script.

Step 1: You may invoke one mysql user who has not password to access the mysql database.
Step 2: Shell script:

for i in `mysql -u username -e "use database;show tables;"`
    if [ $c -ge 1 ]
        mysql -u username  -e "use database;update
$i set client='NEW'"
    let c=$c+1

 发件人: Ananda Kumar <anandkl@stripped>
收件人: Pothanaboyina Trimurthy <skd.trimurthy@stripped> 
抄送: mysql@stripped 
发送日期: 2012年4月30日, 星期一, 下午 5:26
主题: Re: update query
Do you just want to replace current value in client column to "NEW".
You can write a stored proc , with a cursor and loop through the cursor,
update each table.


On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 2:47 PM, Pothanaboyina Trimurthy <
skd.trimurthy@stripped> wrote:

> Hi all,
>      i have one database with 120 tables and each table contains one
> common column that is "client" now i want to update all the tables
> column client = "NEW". is it possible to write a single query to
> update this one.
> please help me.
> thanks in advance
> Thanks & Kind Regards,
> Trimurthy.p
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