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From:Rafael Ribeiro Date:April 22 2012 8:30pm
Subject:A Simple Query Help
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Dear Friends,


I m new on this list, and I m trying to learn more about mysql.


After perform a lot of searchs in the Internet, I have no answer to my
question and would like to ask your help.


I wanna a perform a query that depends of the result from another (query)
table inside the same database.


On this scenario:


I have 02 tables:


Table 1 => users

Table 2 => sent_emails



I wanna select ONLY the users that are NOT inside the table SENT_emails




$query1 = SELECT * FROM users WHERE accept_email = ‘1’ 


The results from query above SHOULD depends of the query Bellow:


$query2 = SELECT * FROM sent_emails WHERE email = $email_from_query_above


The results of the first query, should display only the users that are NOT
inside the condition of query 2.


I read about INNER JOIN LEFT ... but I can´t understand ...


Can help me?


With Regards,

Rafael Ribeiro







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