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From:Luis Motta Campos Date:April 13 2012 2:55pm
Subject:Re: Commit commands with SELECT
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COMMIT statements may or may not force the database to call fflush() to flush your
double-write to disk. This may or may not affect your performance, depending on your
scale, traffic, and how much you're trying to squeeze your hardware. If you're working on
the borderline like I am, benchmark, benchmark, benchmark.

My 0.02€.

Kind regards,
Luis Motta Campos
is a DBA, Foodie, and Photographer

On 9 Apr 2012, at 20:47, Karen Abgarian wrote:

> I vote 1) yes 2) no
> It could be result of the app developer's convenience to just wrap anything they
> submit to the database in a transaction.   Selects are not transaction but
> autocommit/commit do no harm.   That might be the thinking. 
> On 09.04.2012, at 11:38, Rozeboom, Kay [DAS] wrote:
>> We have an application with blocks of code that begin with setting autocommit
> off, and end with a commit.  The code in between does only selects, no updating.
>> 1)      Am I correct in thinking that the autocommit and commit statements don't
> really accomplish anything useful?
>> 2)      If the autocommit and commit statements are unneeded, do they add enough
> additional overhead that I should be concerned about them?
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