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From:Karen Abgarian <abvk Date:April 9 2012 6:47pm
Subject:Re: Commit commands with SELECT
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I vote 1) yes 2) no

It could be result of the app developer's convenience to just wrap anything they submit to
the database in a transaction.   Selects are not transaction but autocommit/commit do no
harm.   That might be the thinking. 

On 09.04.2012, at 11:38, Rozeboom, Kay [DAS] wrote:

> We have an application with blocks of code that begin with setting autocommit off,
> and end with a commit.  The code in between does only selects, no updating.
> 1)      Am I correct in thinking that the autocommit and commit statements don't
> really accomplish anything useful?
> 2)      If the autocommit and commit statements are unneeded, do they add enough
> additional overhead that I should be concerned about them?
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