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From:James Ots Date:April 9 2012 6:43pm
Subject:Re: Licensing question about mysql_com.h
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I don't think I can use a linking exception when I license my code, as
the GPL says I must license my code with the same licence that the
original code used.

James Ots

On 8 April 2012 00:52, Michael Dykman <mdykman@stripped> wrote:
> Not quite true.  Your driver would likely have to be published under
> GPL but that allows the linking exception which allows users of your
> driver to avoid having to open-source their own works which utilize
> the driver.    Should someone decide to code bug fixes or extensions
> for your driver, those would necessarily be GPL.
>  - michael dykman
> On Sat, Apr 7, 2012 at 6:52 PM, James Ots <mysql@stripped> wrote:
>> I am writing a MySQL connector for the Dart programming language. I
>> was hoping to licence it under the BSD Licence, but since it uses
>> modified parts of mysql_com.h, which is licensed under the GPL, I'm
>> guessing that I'll have to licence my connector under the GPL as well?
>> And therefore, anyone who used the connector would also have to
>> licence their software under the GPL too?
>> Am I correct about this? I looked at the FOSS exception, but it
>> doesn't seem to apply in this case.
>> James Ots
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