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From:Rick James Date:April 6 2012 9:14pm
Subject:Re: Innodb Table Gets Locked while Drop
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There is almost no reason to use LOCK TABLES on InnoDB tables.

I prefer to have auto_commit=1, then use explicit BEGIN and COMMIT for 
clumps of statements that need ACID.  I never use auto_commit=0.

Following those two rules, your issue with innodb_table_locks being on 
goes away.

On 4/5/12 11:58 PM, Adarsh Sharma wrote:
> Dear All,
> Today i faced an issue while issuing commands on my innodb tables.
> When I issued any drop table or alter table command my query gets into
> waiting state for more than 15-20 minutes.
> Mysql Version :-5.5.4 community
> I researched on the issue and find that every command try to get lock on
> the table before executing query on it.
> After some R n D , i find and innodb_table_lock parameter in my.cnf.
> After turning it off, my commands are executed with no issue.
> What are the pros&  cons of this modification&  why it tries to lock
> tables, can anyons have some idea about the issue.
> Thanks

Rick James - MySQL Geek

Innodb Table Gets Locked while DropAdarsh Sharma6 Apr
  • Re: Innodb Table Gets Locked while DropRick James6 Apr