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From:Claudio Nanni Date:April 4 2012 9:17pm
Subject:Re: Questions about mysql-proxy...
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Thanks for these questions about this 'ghost' of the MySQL world, it seems
more a legend than a real thing!
I am sorry I do not have the answers but I would love to hear some.

All I can say is that MySQL Proxy is currently (still) in Alpha

so it is unlikely to be used in production.

Such a shame that it was not developed further, this and other features
(like online backups) really miss in MySQL, according to me.



2012/4/4 Wes Modes <wmodes@stripped>

> I asked these questions in context of my clustering enquiries, but here
> it is more specific to mysql-proxy:
>  1. First, what is the best place to ask specific questions about
>    mysql-proxy?
>  2. Does the proxy sit on a separate server and route all MySQL
>    requests, or is it installed on each of the MySQL nodes and
>    re-shuffle MySQL requests to the appropriate place?
>  3. Can multiple proxies be run in concert to provide redundancy and
>    scalability as well as eliminate SPoF and bottlenecks?
>  4. In 2007 when RW Splitting was new, there were a few problems and
>    limitations. What is the current status of development of this
>    important feature? Thanks!
> Wes
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> Wes Modes
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> University Library ITS
> University of California, Santa Cruz


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