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From:Wes Modes Date:April 4 2012 8:11pm
Subject:Questions about mysql-proxy...
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I asked these questions in context of my clustering enquiries, but here
it is more specific to mysql-proxy:

 1. First, what is the best place to ask specific questions about

 2. Does the proxy sit on a separate server and route all MySQL
    requests, or is it installed on each of the MySQL nodes and
    re-shuffle MySQL requests to the appropriate place?

 3. Can multiple proxies be run in concert to provide redundancy and
    scalability as well as eliminate SPoF and bottlenecks?

 4. In 2007 when RW Splitting was new, there were a few problems and
    limitations. What is the current status of development of this
    important feature? Thanks!


Wes Modes
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University of California, Santa Cruz

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