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From:Johan De Meersman Date:April 4 2012 1:23pm
Subject:Argh. Packages.
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A little heads-up for those thinking of toying with NDB. Not the actual NDB, mind you, the

While the packages you download are very eloquently named
(mysql-cluster-gpl-7.2.5-debian5.0-x86_64.deb), someone inside Oracle either doesn't quite
grok how dpkg works, or deliberately made a rather unfortunate decision: INSIDE the
package, where the true package name is recorded, it says mysql-5.5.20. No mention of
cluster, NDB or whatever. 

Now I know, the actual MySQL 5.5.20 is included in that package. That's not a problem.
However, I feel that since the package is destined for NDB installations, that should be
reflected in the naming. All the more because this could've well messed up my internal
repository: when importing the package, it gets automatically renamed to mysql-5.5.20 -
good thing we didn't have that exact version in the repo. This also, and rather more
annoyingly, will also REPLACE a pre-existing mysql package where you would expect it to
simply install next to it - although that may not be a common scenario, impromptu upgrades
are never a good thing :-) 

On a less dangerous, but still a bit bothersome note, the package installs nothing
whatsoever in the Debian-appropriate places - in simply dumps everything in /opt, with not
even an init script provided. Guess I have my work cut out for me :-p 

Can't help but wonder if the RPMs are in an equally abysmal state? 


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Argh. Packages.Johan De Meersman4 Apr