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From:Mike S. Date:March 30 2012 2:56am
Subject:Re: [GIG] $500 For Site Speed Improvement
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On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 2:56 PM, Rich Jones <rich@stripped> wrote:
> Hey folks!
> This gig just popped up on our system, thought it could be some easy money
> for anybody out there who knows Ruby/Rails and how to optimize queries!

Normally I wouldn't even respond to something like this -- so sorry in
advance --  I just couldn't resist; seeing that $500.00 is a joke for
what they are asking.

I mean sure, implement some page/frag/action caching and get the site
to be "faster" but really I would guess that a lot of the reason their
site is so slow is due to implicit coupling as as a result of bad
design. I can't tell you how many time's I've seen Rails sites with
the absolute worse performance due to the fact that for every object
loaded N number of additional objects are loaded (N+1, N+N) otherwise
know as, "bad inheritance" in the rails world.

Everybody wants to build a site quickly, the ubiquitous "just get it
out the door.. we'll fix it later" but later rarely comes when it
should. It usually comes when the pain threshold is unbearable or some
developer decided it was okay to store everything in the session and
the dreaded "marshal data too short" error keeps popping up and
exploding, Maybe, it's the reporting queries that happen to have no
index (doubt it) or possibly the fact that Object has_and_belongs_to
:every_single_child_object_childs_childs_child ?

For $500.00 I would take a look at the site and decide how much it
would cost to fix. For $5000.00 I might wanna fix it. Who know's maybe
they'll get lucky and someone will actually take the job and slap on a
band aid. I'd be really shocked, if anybody with that level of "true"
talent would even respond.

Good Luck !

> Thanks!
> --
> Rich Jones
> Director,
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