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From:Todd Lyons Date:March 27 2012 6:20pm
Subject:Re: big character constant
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2012/3/27 Halász Sándor <hsv@stripped>:
>>>>> 2012/03/27 00:22 +0200, Walter Tross >>>>
> it looks like it's as simple as this:
> insert into mytable (mycolumn) values (0xE29C94), (0xE29C98)
> In some contexts it might be necessary to force the character set like this, though:
> convert(0xE29C94 using utf8)
> <<<<<<<<
> Yes! and with this I can use it for a constant in the middle of a query, which I
> really want:
> IF(IFNULL(ReceivesFlyer, 1), CONVERT(X'E29C94' USING utf8), '')

This seems backwards from what I expected:

mysql> select convert(0xE29C94 using latin1), convert(0xE29C94 using utf8) \G
*************************** 1. row ***************************
convert(0xE29C94 using latin1): ✔
  convert(0xE29C94 using utf8): ?
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

I expected the second one to print the check mark and the first one to
have the problem because there is no heavy check mark in latin1.  What
am I missing, why is it printing out the correct value "using latin1"
but not "using utf8" ?

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