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From:Johan De Meersman Date:March 27 2012 10:33am
Subject:Re: big character constant
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> From: "Halász Sándor" <hsv@stripped>
> input for Word (yes, I have to work MySQL CSV-ish output into real
> CSV, ensuring that there are no escapes in it, nor 'NULL' either).

And this is why it's beneficial to specify your goal along with your question :-)

MySQL does have a proper CSV engine; and it's mystifying why it isnt' accessible in any
other way. I say "engine", and you can take that literally: just like you have MyISAM and
InnoDB engines, CSV is also an engine that is applicable to tables.

Just do a "create table myexport engine=CSV as select * from mytable;" and a myexport.CSV
file will magically appear in the data directory. You'll need the proper privileges to
read it, of course; and you should use "drop table myexport;" to delete it instead of
doing so from the file manager; but it will be proper CSV.

Note that CSV means "comma separated value", but that MS Excel, for one, tends to use
semicolons instead. Shouldn't be a major hurdle in importing, though.

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