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From:(Hal Date:March 26 2012 4:56pm
Subject:Re: big character constant
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;>>> 2012/03/25 23:26 +0200, Walter Tross >>>>
I guess what you mean is Unicode characters U+2714 'HEAVY CHECK MARK' and U+2718 'HEAVY
BALLOT X' ( and
Unicode has several encodings, of which the most used are UTF-8 and UTF-16.
The answer to your question depends on the encoding of your column and on your interface
to the database.
As an example, IF your encoding is UTF-8 and you talk to the database using PHP, you need
something like:
$qry = mysql_query("insert into mytable (mycolumn) values ('\xE2\x9C\x94'),
Inside double quotes PHP replaces the hex escape sequences with the bytes that form the
correct UTF-8 encoding of your characters (see the above web pages).
Yea, even so.

But I use only MySQL client, under Vista, no PHP here. I am afraid that if I use the
C-escapes to MySQL client it gives me three distinct characters, not one character that
takes three bytes in UTF8. I use also Navicat, and found that I can copy the character
from Word to Navicat, and Navicat well stores it in a fitting character string. But I
really want it in a view, for generating input for Word (yes, I have to work MySQL CSV-ish
output into real CSV, ensuring that there are no escapes in it, nor 'NULL' either).

It would be splendid if there were a function that takes a U-number and turns it into a
character string that safely concatenates with a field of type

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