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From:David Turner Date:March 25 2012 5:47pm
Subject:Re: OT: SQL Question
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I would use a join table, teacher_flights.

create table teacher_flights(
teacher_id int(11) not null,
flight_id int(11) not null,
primary key(teacher_id, flight_id));


> From: Mark Phillips <mark@stripped>
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>Subject: OT: SQL Question
>My question is not specific to MySQL, even though I am using a MySQL db for
>this project. I have a servlet/jsp/MySQL web site in production, and there
>are about 2,000 records in the flights table. One of the foreign keys is
>teacher_id. Up to this point, there is a one to many relationship between
>teacher_id and the data in the flights table. I need to change the data
>model to allow for a many to many relationship between teacher_id and the
>data in the flight table. What is the best way to do this?
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