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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 2 2000 2:59pm
Subject:MYISAMCHK -a
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> I'm using MYSQL in enviroment there I can't shut down server for a long =
> time, but also I want MYSQL to have all key distribution information it =
> needs.
> Can I just run myisamchk -a on the opened tables and then run mysqladmin =
> refresh key destribution information or this won't work ?

Yes.  The worst thing that may happen is that myisamchk -a may get
confused and say that the table is corrupted if someone changes the
tables 'under its feets', but the table will not be corrupted by doing

> Other thing is - if I can make MYISAM chk just to find destribution of =
> the keys not checking whole table ?


> And at last - don't you plan to include some SQL statements for this - =
> something like ANALYZE tablename ?

Yes;  Jani or Sasha will start working on this within 2 weeks.
(Integrating myisamchk into mysqld)

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