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From:Jan Steinman Date:March 16 2012 5:10pm
Subject:Re: tea pots, tea accessories
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For those who want to thank Andrew for his spam by putting his SMPT server in your
firewall and/or blackhole list:

# dig mx	3600	IN	MX	0

# dig 684	IN	A

For those who don't have any reason to talk to an SMPT server from Singapore at all:

# whois

inetnum: - (or in "ipfw-ready" form:
e-mail:         gschwimer@stripped

Perhaps if enough of us expressed our appreciation to "gschwimer," for this spam, we won't
have to block all those IP addresses...

To say nothing of the cynicism required to spam a mailing list and yet have an obfuscated
email address, designed to avoid getting in spam lists... I think sales@stripped
needs to be de-obfuscated. Perhaps it could be posted to a few dozen UCE websites to make
sure they get a dose of their own medicine.

(Sorry, it's been a bad day. My tiny aDSL pipe has been recently overwhelmed with spam,
and I can barely use the Internet because of it.)

On 16 Mar 12, at 09:23, mysql-digest-help@stripped wrote:

> From: "Andrew--BRT Ceramic" <brtceramic@stripped>
> Date: 15 March 2012 06:16:34 PDT
> To: mysql@stripped
> Subject: tea pots, tea accessories
> Dear purchasing manager,
> This is Andrew from BRT Ceramic company in China...
> Web: w w w . porcelainbrt . c o m
> Email: sales {at} porcelainbrt . c o m
> Phone: +86-592-2055232

We must learn, if we can, the sources and cost of our own economic lives. -- Wendell Berry
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