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From:Reindl Harald Date:March 15 2012 4:51pm
Subject:Re: problem with INNODB tables
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Am 15.03.2012 17:31, schrieb Malka Cymbalista:
> We are running MySQL version 5.0.45 on a Linux machine.  Most of our tables are
> MyIASM but we have recently installed drupal 7 and drupal 7 requires INNODB tables. Every
> now and then when we restart MySQL using the commands /etc/init.d/mysql stop and
> /etc/init.d/mysql start our sites that were built in drupal 7 do not come up.  After much
> trial and error we came up with the following solution:
> We stop mysql
> We remove the files ib_logfile0 and ib_logfile1
> We rename ibdata1 to ibdata1.old (mv ibdata1 ibdata1.old)
> We copy ibdata1.old back to ibdata1 (cp -a ibdata1.old ibdata1)
> We start mysql
> And everything is fine and the sites that use INNODB tables are fine.
> We clearly have a problem but we have no idea where to start looking. 

what about start with looking in the errorlog?

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