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From:a bv Date:March 6 2012 3:50pm
Subject:Script for cleaning data on a regular basis
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I found some scripts but i have to edit them to give the true table
name to drop. Its format is

name1_name2_yearmonth    which year and month here we are talking
about is the year and date before the current day . So how can i give
this variable to the script?


2012/1/27 walter harms <wharms@stripped>:
> Am 26.01.2012 18:45, schrieb HalXsz SXndor:
>>>>>> 20120126 10:34 AM +0200, a bv >>>>
>> Database contains
>> tables (structures?) which gets montly data , and these tables are
>> named as
>> name1_name2_ yearmonth . I only want to have the whole database system
>> for last 2 years, and automaticly clean the data which became more
>> than 2 years old , so i need a script for this (shell, php etc) . Can
>> you please help me for this script ? and also which mysql command must
>> be used drop, trunk?
>> <<<<<<<<
>> You can, if you are careful, write an SQL procedure for dropping the appropriate
> tables. Since MySQL has no table variables, if you do this you will need PREPARE.
>> Therefore, it well may be easier to do it all in PHP, since therewith you can
> construct statements. The statement "SHOW TABLES" is also a reference to table
> INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES; maybe you can use "SHOW TABLES" for a SELECT statement in PHP;
> if not, try INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES for their names.
> This is simple,
> consult your manual about crontab.
> and start a script like that:
> #!/bin/bash
> mysql -BAN database <<EOF
>  place my great sql-statemant here ....
>  If you need some additional informationen like $HOME
>  you can use it also
> If something goes wrong a mail will be send to the owner (details
> see man 5 crontab)
> re,
>  wh
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