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From:Johan De Meersman Date:February 22 2012 11:49am
Subject:Re: Removing Data Duplicacy
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> From: "Adarsh Sharma" <adarsh.sharma@stripped>
> Today I noticed some duplicacy in my c_id column which is not

Yes, that's what you get if you don't use auto_increments.

> I need multiple client select cid from 2 tables & insert data with
> adding 1 to previous C_id  in isolated manner.
> I think I need to use lock  statements in my procedure.

Locks will utterly kill your performance. It's already a lot lower than it could be
because you're doing selects prior to every insert.

> Can anyone suggest how to solve the issue.

Kick the guy who writes the business requirements in the balls, hard. Then explain that
some things are not to be messed with, and he can't get what he wants this time. Kick him
again, then add an auto_increment. Make sure to use sharp-tipped shoes.

Failing that (damn his iron codpiece) you can look at "cheating" and faking the Oracle
concept of sequences using a separate table with just an auto_increment field.

Drupal (the older versions like 5, at least) also does not use auto_increments on MySQL
iirc, you could have a look at their code to see how they solved the problem. I suspect
they also emulate sequences somehow.

If you *really* feel like reinventing the wheel, write a stored procedure to process your
updates using something like the hot potato or bankers' algorithm.

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