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From:Andrés Tello Date:February 21 2012 3:25pm
Subject:Re: Design advice for hotel availability program
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Verify the regulation that a Hotel should submit, read the part of the
occupation reports, information gathering, ask management for their
currents report...

 Remember the data output should came from the data stored...

On Mon, Feb 20, 2012 at 4:42 PM, Chaim Rieger <lists@stripped> wrote:

> On 2/17/2012 4:01 AM, Tompkins Neil wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm in the process of starting to design a hotel booking system that will
>> eventually consist of over 10,000 hotels all with different room types,
>> rates and availability for different dates.  My question is does anyone
>> have any experience with regards the best way to store the daily rates.
>>  Am
>> I best using the following pattern
>> (1) Default rates/rooms stored in a generic table
>> (2) Any exceptions/changes/closed days to the daily rates are store in
>> a separate table.
>> (3) Any special offer exceptions are stored as a rule
>> All, should I consider that for any hotel, for any room, for any day I
>> have
>> a record in a huge single table ???
>> Thanks for any help and input.
>>  There is already more than one package out there that does what you are
> trying to do, so why not take a look at how they do the db stuff.
> also keep in mind that you are working two reservations at once for each
> entry
> a guest requests an asett (the room)
> a guest then promises to pay a certain amount for an asset
> an asset can be tied to  a variety or prices, but only one at a time,
> unless certain conditions are met.
> so no its not easy to do, but it has been done.
>**hotel <>
> (ps. no i do not do drupal)
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