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From:Jason J. W. Williams Date:February 16 2012 10:30pm
Subject:Circular Replication & GRANTs
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I've got an issue where two MySQL servers are in circular/multimaster
replication. One is server_id 6871 and the other 206871. The issue is
that GRANT statements issued on 6871 are replicated to 206871 and then
back to 6871 where they're applied again. My understanding was that
6871 should filter out any replicated statements with it's own
server_id, however it doesn't seem to be doing that. I've also tried
adding IGNORE_SERVER_IDS(6781) to the CHANGE MASTER on 6871 to no

Any insight is greatly appreciated.

Circular Replication & GRANTsJason J. W. Williams16 Feb
  • Re: Circular Replication & GRANTsJohan De Meersman17 Feb