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From:Suresh Kuna Date:January 25 2012 4:09am
Subject:Re: RES: Force drop table
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Enable the option innodb_force_recovery =1 in my.cnf file, restart the
database, ( can try upto 4 depending on the description below url ) and
take the dump of all the innodb tables, remove the ibdata and data file
belongs to innodb and re-import. It should be fine.

Suresh Kuna

2012/1/24 Suporte Avanutri <suporte2@stripped>

> I've tried this before, but the server stills going down. The first error
> is always this:
> Couldn't execute 'SELECT /*!40001 SQL_NO_CACHE */* FROM 'usuario': Lost
> connection to MySQL server during query (2013)
> This is followed by other similar errors: "couldn't execute one thing",
> couldn't execute another thing, etc".
> I've got the error while trying to execute this: mysqldump -u USER -pPASS
> --force --databases DATABASE (and tried --all-databases too).
> Thanks in advance for the help, guys. I'm starting to learn this thing by
> myself, your help has great value to me.
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> De: Johan De Meersman [mailto:vegivamp@stripped]
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> Para: Suporte Avanutri
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> > Sent: Tuesday, 24 January, 2012 3:43:36 PM
> > Subject: RES: Force drop table
> >
> > 120124 12:29:28  InnoDB: Error: table `avanutri/obras` does not exist in
> the InnoDB internal
> > InnoDB: data dictionary though MySQL is trying to drop it.
> > InnoDB: Have you copied the .frm file of the table to the
> > InnoDB: MySQL database directory from another database?
> That's a pretty good question it's asking :-)
> Earlier in your log it mentions that InnoDB wasn't shut down properly -
> did it crash while you were deleting that table, by any chance?
> Shut the service down, delete the file <mysqldatadir>/avanutri/obras.frm
> from disk and restart the service; the table will be gone. There shouldn't
> be any other files named obras.<something> if all is well.
> If you can, it is probably also a good idea to make a full dump of all the
> databases and reinitialize the InnoDB tablespaces - there may still be
> internal references or pages allocated to that table. Check the online
> manual for more information on doing that.
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