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From:Johan De Meersman Date:January 24 2012 10:13am
Subject:Re: Copying data from one to another MySQL sesrver
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> From: "bars0.bars0.bars0" <bars0.bars0.bars0@stripped>
> Hi all!
> I need to copy data (result set from query) from one server to
> another.
> This will be done once a month (so cron will be involved:), for data
> from previous month.
> Any ideas how can I achieve this?
> Should I export query as INSERT SQL statement first and next read
> that exported file, or there is some other solutions?

That's generally the most convenient way, but you need to be able to transform the query
output to SQL statements reliably :-)

If you're only selecting from a single table, mysqldump has the option to take a where
statement. If you need to select from multiple tables I suspect you'll either have to go
through "select into outfile" and "load data infile" or write a custom script to achieve
similar functionality.

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