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From:Tim Johnson Date:January 19 2012 1:20am
Subject:Re: Editing/form interface
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* Claudio Nanni <claudio.nanni@stripped> [120118 15:49]:
> Hi Tim,
  Hi Again Claudio: 
> Excuse me but still I don't understand exactly what is the product you want
> to build.
  I'm sorry, I'm not expressing myself well, I know it!
  I build all sorts of web-based products...
> One thing is a tool (IDE) to work and one thing is the product you build.
> Some questions to understand:
> You ask for a tool name or a general question?
  Basically, I was inquiring as to whether there
  was a way to 
  1)Connect to a MySQL database
  2)A wizard or a design tool to build an input form for a particular table.
    Just as MS-Access or OpenOffice Base can do. (See my answer to
  3)Save form as an HTML form  
  Experimenting with OpenOffice has been unsatisfactory.
  As for MS-Access, I no longer use Windows (linux and Mac), nor do
  I currently have a market for work on Windows. 

> What are exactly the "mysql editing features" ?
  That is a general description. Like many web developers I
  use/develop HTML forms to edit MySQL databases.

> What are your "my view templates" ?
  ** Source documents for my MVC view templates **
  I use my own framework. It is derived by myself and used only for
  my clients or for my own apps.

> And again, are you building a client-server architecture
> application or a web based?

  Sorry. Web based.
  I appreciate your help, but I believe that I can easily develop the tool
  that I need.

  It would connect to MySQL with a specific table - column names
  optional - as a parameter and produce an input form - I could do
  in good time, but since I am self-employed, time is money for me,
  thus I looked for a shortcut and it appears none is available that
  would suit me:

  Since a I use a special markup for Javascript validation, I
  would have to add that by hand. My tool, since it would
  "understand" my framework could add most of the markup. 

  thanks again
tim at tee jay forty nine dot com or akwebsoft dot com
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