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From:(Hal Date:January 18 2012 1:49am
Subject:Re: case insensitivity
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>>>> 2012/01/16 19:57 -0800, Haluk Karamete >>>>
MSSQL can be configured to work in either mode. Isn't such a thing for mySQL?
For most of the time, I would not care about case-sensitivity. So I
won't mind configuring the entire mysql operation to be case
insensitive once and for all?
In MySQL some operations, say, LIKE, have case-folding, and others (REPLACE) do not.
Text-comparison also has case-folding. But there is also the attribute "BINARY": if a
string is associated with that, there is no case-folding, whatever the operation. (One
uses the function CONVERT to call a string binary, if that is needed.)

There is no mode associated with an instance of MySQL daemon, only with operations and
character types.

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