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From:bruce Date:January 16 2012 5:00pm
Subject:Parent/Child - Linked List
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Running mysql(5.5) /linux/ php/python

Got a situation with a test env, where I'm dealing with a number of
spawned processes, that might also spawn processes, so I have a "tree"
where I'm looking to determine when the spawned processes have
completed. To manage this cluster/tree of processes, I'm considering
using a tree kind of DB representation:

The tables would be:

   ParentID, int
   ChildID int

  Name, varchar
  ID, int
  Status int

ItemStatusTBL.ID <-- ParentID/ChildID

 Tree Graph:
    |                |    
 itemD(5)    itemE(6)     itemF(7)

 pseudo tbl representation
 top, 1, 0
 itemA, 2, 0
 itemB, 3, 0
 itemC, 4, 0
 itemD, 5, 0
 itemE, 6, 0
 itemF, 7, 0


I've got a test app that spawns off child processes, where each
process then updates the status of the corresponding given item upon
completion. So the status in the itemStatusTBl will change from 0 to

 I'm trying to determine how to efficiently be able to determine when
the children of a given top/root node in the parentChildTBL are
 complete, ie, have the status set to '1'. (There could be multiple
top level/root nodes, each with their own independent set of children)

 I could try to simply look at all the children each time I examine
the tbl, but that might result in a lot of recursive
function/processing in order to get to all the levels...

 I've looked at various articles, but not sure which is the best
approach to this kind of issue.

 A complete run is determined by: when all children of the top
level/root node != '0'

 Is this a self join,left join situation?

 A sample query/pointers would be helpful

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