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From:Wm Mussatto Date:December 31 2011 8:35pm
Subject:Re: Is ECC RAM necessary for MySQL server
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On Sat, December 31, 2011 05:14, Claudio Nanni wrote:
> Ryan,
> My opinion here.
> Any write to memory can go wrong,
> OS , MySQL , Storage engines, client library and so on.
> Innodb has some advanced mechanism for ACID compliance like the double
> write buffer but these are mostly to assure durability. Memory failure
> although not so frequent can still, in my opinion, corrupt anything
> included Innodb buffers.
> I would like the opinion of some other Innodb gurus.
> Happy new year.
> Claudio
> On Dec 31, 2011 2:04 PM, "Ryan Chan" <ryanchan404@stripped> wrote:
>> Assume I am using InnoDB, which is ACID compliant.
>> Do I still need to use ECC RAM, in order to make sure there is no
>> chance of data corruption due data write?
>> Thanks.
ECC memory helps ensure both the program and the data is correct.  If you
are running 24/7 operation rather than a test system which will be
continually restarted, IMHO you need ECC memory.  Otherwise you cannot
guarantee that the instructions the program is executing is what the
program writer intended. If the memory can have an error and your system
cannot detect it ACID won't help, it will just ensure the error is
reliably written to disk.

William R. Mussatto
Systems Engineer

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