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From:Nitin Mehta Date:December 27 2011 8:37am
Subject:Re: thread connected and thread cached
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Hi Jeff,
threads_connected tells you total number of connections created since server startup and
threads_cached says how many stay alive (connection pooling) even if there are no clients
connected. This means that because the value of threads_cached was reduced on your server,
it is having to fork more and more new connections every time a request for connection
comes in.
Hope that helps...

 From: Jeff Pang <jeffrpang@stripped>
To: mysql@stripped 
Sent: Tuesday, December 27, 2011 8:45 AM
Subject: thread connected and thread cached

I got the two picutures attached from mycheckpoint's web graph.
They are showing the threads_connected have been increasing from 24th.
But threads_cached have been decreasing from the same day.
What does this mean for my mysql?


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