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From:Claudio Nanni Date:December 23 2011 9:38pm
Subject:Re: FULL mysqldump
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Hi Jim happy holidays to you!

actually you just need to add the --routines trigger

mysqldump --all-databases --*routines* > fulldump.sql

with this you get all databases including the system one with privileges
(mysql), triggers is on by default, you enable routines with the flag --*
Keep in mind that this method needs any application to be stopped from
writing either by shutting it down, blocking it at network level or locking
the database with something like  FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK;
Depending on your application, your SLA, etc.

Keep also in mind that for database larger than a few GB it is not
recommended to use mysqldump (text dump) but any binary method, among which
 Percona XtraBackup in my opinion is the golden tool,
derived from InnoBackup allows hot backups.



2011/12/23 Jim McNeely <jmcneely@stripped>

> Hello all, happy holidays!
> What is the best way to run a mysqldump to get the tables, the data, the
> triggers, the views, the procedures, the privileges and users, everything?
> It seems confusing in the online documentation, or is that just me?
> Thanks,
> Jim McNeely
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