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From:Arthur Fuller Date:December 13 2011 8:05pm
Subject:Re: SQL DATA
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I am not sure that the db engineers should look into supporting recursive
optimizations. That sounds to me like a waste of their time, and conversely
an investment in your (my) time. This kind of thing is far too app-specific
to generalize into an all-encompassing algorithm, IMO, and even if it could
be done, I would rather the engineers spend their time on more significant

Just my $0.02.

2011/12/9 Halász Sándor <hsv@stripped>

> >>>> 2011/12/09 20:37 -0500, Singer X.J. Wang >>>>
> When the procedure is executed, each query in the procedure is obviously
> run through the query optimizer. But the flags are symbolic only for humans.
> <<<<<<<<
> "Obviously"? As I wrote, someone said that the optimizer does _not_ look
> into procedures.
> "Symbolic" is not right: do you mean "meaningful"? If "meaningful", that
> is to say that the flags are completely useless.
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