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From:(Hal Date:December 4 2011 4:27pm
Subject:Re: Query query
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Well, of that which you showed you _need_ only this, not really different from that which
you wrote:

    COUNT(lib.Dewey) AS Have,
    ddn.Dewey AS DDN,
FROM s_library_dewey ddn
LEFT OUTER JOIN s_library lib ON ddn.Dewey = FLOOR(lib.Dewey)
GROUP BY ddn.Dewey

As for "FLOOR" in an ON-clause, surely the general-builtin-function overhead completely
overwhelms the operation s cost. Maybe index on "Dewey" would help.

(Which Dewey? with computer under math, &c, or with computer under 000? Where can one
get a 1000-element list for computer?)

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