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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 1 2000 5:12pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.22.29 relased as shareware on Win32
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>>>>> "Toni" == Toni Mueller <support@stripped> writes:

Toni> Hello,

Toni> On Fri, Dec 31, 1999 at 02:47:19PM +0200, Michael Widenius wrote:
>> PS: We have now also released the windows version of MySQL 3.23.9 and
>> MySQL 3.22.29;  We will release the Unix versions of the above
>> as soon as we have run our test suit on the Unix builds...

Toni> you are essentially saying that your development efforts under M$ systems
Toni> have overhauled the Unix developments, with the M$ sw increasing the
Toni> gap and leaving the Unix ports behind in the dust, eventually.

Not at all!  When the MySQL code was throghly tested on our main
platforms (Linux and Solaris), I started a build on NT and one all the
different Unix machines we have available for building MySQL.

I found some small configure problems one SunOS that I didn't have
time to fix before I had to leave for a new years party.  The NT build
however compiled clean and I decided to at least release this version
before leaving.

It's much faster to develop MySQL on Unix than on Windows; The only
problem is that when we are doing the final binary build we often find
some small portability issues between different Unix system. We then
fix these in configure and then redo the build until it compiles
cleanly everywhere.
The build+test takes 5 hours (our SunOS machine is VERY slow), which
sometimes makes this a bit time-consuming :(

Toni> I would like to have a thorough misunderstanding of this, but this
Toni> looks like being an advice to pull out of Mysql or massively invest
Toni> to keep the Unix sw up to date in the near future.

Toni> A comment would be fine.

Note that all MySQL development is done one Unix and for Unix.  When
we start building a new release on our distributed build environment
we also start to build (and port new features if needed) to the MySQL
Win32 version (on NT under vmware).  This means that often the Win32
version will be released after the Unix version, as we from time to
time have to do a lot of additional work to fix things on Windows.
Sometimes, like this time, we have run the Unix build over and over
again to get it to compile and run on all platforms and in this case
the windows release will be available before the Unix version.

Another possibility for doing an extra release on Windows / Unix is
when we have found some nasty bug that only affects one of the
operating systems.  In this case we will always push to make a new
release that fixes the bug.

Note also that the MySQL and Windows version share the same
source. This means that any development (except of course for
portability stuff) on either version will benefit both.

I took the liberty to also forward your question + my answer to the
MySQL mailing to make this thing perfectly clear for the future: Our
main target with MySQL is Unix, but we will also ensure that the
Windows version runs as good as possible.  (We hope to some day find
some Win32 developers that would like to improve the MySQL Win32
version without taking too much time from me personally :)

Toni> Best Regards,

Toni> Toni.

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