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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 1 2000 4:46pm
Subject:Re: MySQL 3.22.29 relased as shareware on Win32
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>>>>> "iso-8859-1" == iso-8859-1  <iso-8859-1> writes:

iso-8859-1> Hi Monty
iso-8859-1> Happy new year for you too.
iso-8859-1> I did try the new version and the site sends a message of missing file.
iso-8859-1> The file is avaliable ?

Yes, it should be available.
Ok, the problem is that our mirror site isn't yet up to date;  It's
however probably ok tomorrow.

If you are in a REAL hurry, you can get this from:


iso-8859-1> Best Regards
iso-8859-1> miguel

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iso-8859-1> Subject: MySQL 3.22.29 relased as shareware on Win32

>> Hi!
>> We just wanted to inform that we have now upgraded the MySQL Win32
>> shareware version to 3.22.29 (the last stable MySQL release) ; This
>> should make most problems that has been found in the old shareware
>> version.
>> Regards,
>> Monty
>> PS: We have now also released the windows version of MySQL 3.23.9 and
>> MySQL 3.22.29;  We will release the Unix versions of the above
>> as soon as we have run our test suit on the Unix builds...
>> PPS: A happy new year to you all!
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