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From:Johan De Meersman Date:November 30 2011 5:03pm
Subject:Re: Global Variables
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> From: "Stdranwl" <stdranwl@stripped>
> So then no use of setting 3G sort buffer in my.cnf untill system will
> take a rebot?
> I was in the impression that 10M will be used and it will be
> scratched to 3G whenever required as same is set globally?

No, you've got it the wrong way round. When a new client connects, it's session variables
are initialised from the global values. Thus, if your global value is 3G, new clients will
get a session value of 3G.

If your appplication or the client subsequently decides to set the session value to 10M,
*then* it will be 10M.

Open a new terminal and make a new connection, then look at the session variables. If
they're still different from the global value, something is setting them upon connect.
Check for a .my.cnf file in your homedir, aliases or wrapper scripts for the mysql client,

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