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From:Daevid Vincent Date:November 18 2011 7:59pm
Subject:RE: How often should we upgrade MySQL version
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Ever heard the old saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." ;-)

I'd say that as a general rule:

1. if you aren't experiencing problems then don't upgrade.
2. if you aren't subject to any vulnerabilities that may be found, then
don't upgrade
3. if you don't need a new feature introduced, then don't upgrade
4. if you need to be up 100%, then don't upgrade

Having said that, it is possible to upgrade with minimal downtime if you're
smart about it.

Get another server (or two or three) that is a clone of the existing ones.
Upgrade those. Test those. Swap over.

Then for the next release, do the same thing with the servers you now have
as the spares.

If you're in such a mission critical situation, you should have spare
servers and live hot-swapable backups anyways right.

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From: Neil Tompkins [mailto:neil.tompkins@stripped] 
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Subject: How often should we upgrade MySQL version

We are running MySQL 5.1.46 with master to master replication with 3 other
servers for 3 different websites in 3 different parts of the world.

My question is how often should we be looking to upgrade our MySQL version
considering we can't really afford any downtime. 

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