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From:Reindl Harald Date:November 14 2011 6:10pm
Subject:Re: Cleaning up old files
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Am 14.11.2011 19:01, schrieb Rob Tanner:

> In my MySQL directory, I have more than a few gig and a half sized files,
> mysql-bin.000001, 
> mysql-bin.000001 and et cetera.  They date from today all the way back to early 2010.
> I don't know exactly what those files are but I would like to delete as many as are
> no longer 
> is use since I had a 40GB partition fill up over the weekend which resulted in
> bringing down 
> our web server.  So what are those files and can I delete all but the most recent?

look in the documentation for "Replication" and disable it if it is not used
or consider to configure 'expire_logs_days'

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