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From:Prabhat Kumar Date:November 10 2011 6:49pm
Subject:Re: "InnoDB free" - What does it really mean?
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The comment is just telling you how much free space is in your InnoDB
datafile(s). When that approaches 0, InnoDB will add the data file.

Image that there's a box, say it Innodb tablespace, this box is consist of
your data,
and innodb free is the same as the (capacity of your box - usage)

To increase the size simply add innodb data file.

MySQL documentation: The data files (tables) that you define in an InnoDB
form the tablespace of InnoDB. The tablespace consists of database pages
with a default size of 16KB. The pages are grouped into extents of 64
consecutive pages (i.e. 1024Kb). InnoDB allocates space starting from the
first data file (table). InnoDB can add a large segment up to 4 extents at
a time to ensure good sequentiality of data (4096Kb).


On Thu, Nov 10, 2011 at 10:03 AM, Rozeboom, Kay [DAS] <KAY.ROZEBOOM@stripped
> wrote:

> In the "show table status" output, there is comment field labeled "InnoDB
> free".  Can someone explain what kind of free space is counted in this
> figure?  Is it space that is not currently part of any segment?  Does it
> include empty pages within segments?  Does it include unused space within
> pages?
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