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From:Steven Staples Date:November 10 2011 1:26pm
Subject:Relication Issues
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Good morning list,

I am having issues with my replication setup. it seems that every few
weeks/months something happens, and I have to restart it, skip a row, or
delete, rsync and restart replication from scratch.

The databases that are being replicated, are rather large... there are about
12 new tables every year, each consisting of about 2-4g in size each
(today's total database size is 83g).

Again, things work fine for a while, and then there are issues.  The
backup/slave is on the same network/datacenter, so network speed isn't an
issue.  I just don't understand why inconsistencies keep arising.   Is there
a better way to do live backups, or have a hot space in the event of a
catastrophe?   Is there 3rd party software that would better achieve data
integrity or something?

Any help here would be appreciated.



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