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From:Johan De Meersman Date:November 10 2011 8:44am
Subject:Re: Reusing "ibdata1" space
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> From: "Nick Khamis" <symack@stripped>
> I should mention that we have deleted the ib_* files in the past.

I hope that was an accident, because if you thought that was a good idea I'm sending
someone over with the spiked cluebat.

Luckily for you, the solution to that particular problem (in the cases where it's indeed
caused by the delete of the ib_data files) is more deletes, and you're good at those :-p

The tables show up in the listing because in the <mysqldata>/<database>
directory there are .frm (table descriptor) files created for tables of all engines, even
though those files are really artifacts from the MyISAM legacy. Thus, the server scans it,
lists it, notices it's an InnoDB table and then fails to find it in the InnoDB data
dictionary because you deleted the one it was in.

Simply delete the .frm file for such tables, and they'll no longer show up.

As for file_per_table, it's generally a good idea to set that to 1, yes. Be aware that you
may need to tune other MySQL and/or OS level settings, too, for example max_open_files.

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