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From:Vikram A Date:November 1 2011 12:31pm
Subject:Table Performance - Query
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Dear All,

I have the following table (MYISSAM or INNODB)

Tablename Filed Type size 
app_colid_Examid registerno varchar 15 
app_colid_Examid subcode varchar 15 
app_colid_Examid mode varchar 2 
app_colid_Examid programmeid Integer   
app_colid_Examid subjectorder Integer   
app_colid_Examid collegeid Integer   
app_colid_Examid dummyno Varchar 15 
app_colid_Examid pacno Integer   
app_colid_Examid cia Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid ival Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid iival Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid iiival Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid sem Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid modre Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid rval Varchar 3 
app_colid_Examid res Varchar 3 

If i have 6 laks records [approx]; does it cause performance issue in win based
(mysql 5.1.x) ? I will not apply any kind of comparison in query (only
Select/update eill take place). I will manage the filters in the record set/data set.
Other wise i will go for splitting of tables by grouping the records.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance
Table Performance - QueryVikram A1 Nov